Manual, Handheld, and Automated Laser Cleaning Machines

by Stephen Ellison

Are you shopping around for a laser cleaning machine? Whether you need a manual handheld laser cleaning machine or an automated one, experts in the industry can help you choose the right device depending on your needs. These machines are designed to remove paint, rust, coupled with other contaminants from metallic surfaces. They can also enhance the look on the surface while improving adhesion upon laser texturing.

You can successfully operate a high-quality laser cleaning machine with minimal to no maintenance for roughly 15 years. Over and above, keeping with the machine’s time requirements will be easy as it is fed by a powerful laser cleaning system of about 400 watts.

1. Manual Laser Cleaning Machines

This new generation product relies on high technology for surface cleaning of different materials. It is easily set up and operated. There is no need for chemistry or other media as the machine is easily applicable in removing resin, stains, and dirt in just a matter of time.

For this handheld machine, the operator can also run an easy-to-operate Class-1 certified workstation where parts are loaded before laser cleaning begins. The auto device targets stubborn stains on the surface that needs cleaning. It then leaves behind a rust-free metal surface.

2. Automated Laser Cleaning Machines

A fully automated laser cleaning machine is suitable for the production of high volumes lines. The device works by getting rid of the usual manual industrial labor, which is time-wasting and involving. That way, you can get a huge ROI.

That said, you can automate the machine’s conveyor system to clean different parts accurately while managing the positioning variations. By combining an advanced autofocusing system with a robot arm, the device will use high precision to clean challenging parts.

3. Handheld Laser Cleaning Machines

As the name suggests, a handheld laser cleaning machine is just that; held by the hand during operation. Note, the simple to operate compact design machine was intended for applications that require no maintenance. It delivers a high-quality diffraction-limited beam to the worksite through a metallic fiber cable.


The three types of lasers come with a cleaning head designed to deflect the laser beam position. Besides, spot sizes with big image fields can easily get achieved under stable operating conditions.

But then again, these machines also come with differences in their make. For instance, the automated one is large and ideal for voluminous production lines, making it a preferred industrial cleaning choice.

On the other hand, a handheld laser cleaning machine is small and easy to operate. These features make it ideal for cleaning surfaces in shorter production lines.

Then, there is the handheld laser cleaning machine that makes cleaning of surfaces challenging. It may not be ideal for involving tasks.

Either way, the three machine types can remove rust and other contaminants from metallic surfaces. Therefore, these factors should be considered when choosing a laser cleaning machine.

Final Thoughts

Laser cleaning machines allow you to automate operations and improve repeatability while cutting down the total number of operators in a store. It is the way to go in industrial procedures and processes.

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