A look into the application of sawdust pellet machines

by Stephen Ellison

A sawdust pellet machine is a wood energy recycling device. It allows for the compression of wood wastes, like sawdust, into new energy pellets used as wood fuel. These machines are also widely referred to as biomass pellet machines. This post discusses the functioning and sawdust pellet machine applications.

Applications of sawdust pellet machines

Sawdust pellet machines feature varying applications. The following are some of the primary ones;

1. Factories

One of the places where sawdust pellet machines are widely applied is in factories. Some of these factories include organic fertilizer factories, feed mills, and large-scale factories. In these applications, the primary raw materials are sawdust, cotton stalks, and other wood wastes. The raw materials go through various processes in these applications, like crushing, pressing, molding, and densification. The products produced in these applications are mainly used as fuels.

2. New biomass energy

Sawdust pellet machines are also widely applied in the new biomass industry. This is because molded pellet fuel is a type of new biomass energy. This form of energy is used as an alternative to firewood, coal, and petroleum gas. New biomass fuel is used in industrial boilers, power plants, and heating, to name a few.

3. Rural energy

The fuel produced from sawdust pellet machines can be used to produce energy used in rural areas. It is easy to produce pellet fuel in these areas because of a wide range of wood wastes, like sawdust. Sawdust pellet machines can be used to produce adequate energy to be used in rural areas. The application of wood energy in rural areas can be seen to improve the ecological environment.

A brief on how sawdust pellet machines work

The first step of a sawdust pellet machine work is feeding the sawdust into the machine. The sawdust is then converted into a semi-liquid material. The moisture content of the product is usually increased. But note, this depends on how fast you wish to produce the wood pellets.

The materials are then forced into the machine through screens. The screens typically have small rounded holes. The goal of the holes is to allow for the formation of the pellets. Note that the process may take some time to get the right material consistency and produce a large quantity of pellets.

Once the pellets are created, they are exposed to high temperatures. The high temperatures allow for the solidification of the pellets into similar sizes. The solidified pellets are then placed on a conveyor belt and delivered to an area where they can be stored. They are then packaged and prepared for sale or use, depending on the area of application.


Note that the quality of the pellets produced highly depends on the type of machine used. The quality and type of raw material used also affect the outcome. High-quality pellets can be used in a wide range of areas. There are several places where you can purchase the best brands of sawdust pellet machines. Yulong Machine is one of the most reliable places to get your pellet mills.

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