What are the benefits of CR-5 pro as an enclosure 3D printer?

by Stephen Ellison

Creality 3D Technology Co was established in 2014. For more than half a decade, the company has focused mainly on the manufacture and designing of 3D printers. The company also manufactures other types of 3D printing products like printing materials and 3D scanners. Additionally, Creality employs a team of professional researchers with knowledge of the industry who work with engineers to come up with their product designs. That is way, products designed and manufactured by Creality 3D Technology Co have received millions of positive reviews from users and critics. Its 3D printers for one are top-rated in the market. One of the most recent products by Creality is the ABS 3D printer known as CR-5 Pro.

About CR-5 Pro

This 3D printing machine features a body made entirely out of metal. It also features a chamber made of white ivory and a transparent acrylic door. It also comes with a control chip that allows for high speed and high precision while printing. Other features include a filament sensor that ensures that the printing material does not run out or break without the users’ knowledge. The structure of the nozzle on this printer is also significantly advanced compared to the earlier designs with a cooling fan. Last but not least, the machine features a printing bed made from carborundum glass. Most importantly, Creality’s CR-5 pro is an enclosure 3D printer.

Benefits of Enclosure 3D printers

  • Safety

Enclosure 3D printers are some of the safest products of their kind in the market. The fact that the printers are closed helps to contain the heat from the nozzles and the printing beds. This can be ideal in situations where printing is carried out in residential places and educational environments.

  • Printing Quality

Closed 3D printers feature solid and sturdy frames that other printers lack. The quality of the chamber and the materials used in their manufacture affect the quality of the printed products. In ABS printers like Reality-5 Pro, the quality of the print varies depending on the quality of the enclosure.

  • Use of a wide range of printing materials

The enclosed printing chamber helps to keep unwanted air from flowing into the printer. The air makes the printing materials warp in the process. Enclosed chambers prevent this from happening. The enclosed environment also helps to keep the printing environment warm as opposed to open structure printers. Therefore, an enclosure 3D printer is suitable for varying ranges of printing materials as the chamber maintains a stable and consistent output that supports all materials. Even materials like nylon can be used in these printers.

  • Reduction of noise and heat loss

3D printers are known for the sound that they make. Therefore, enclosure printers are quieter. This makes them the most suitable for use in office and educational environments. The enclosed state of the printers also prevents any form of heat loss.


Enclosed 3D printers are more costly than their counterparts. Given their numerous benefits, this is not a shocking fact. They are also available in a variety of brands in the market.

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