Main Factors to Consider Before Buying a Rock Crusher

by Stephen Ellison

To promote the effectiveness of a production process, a suitable rock crusher is needed. While small operations will require a small rock crusher bigger operations will require a larger rock crusher.

Before a choice is made, some basic principle that should guide your selection include; the duration of the operation, the type of material to be crushed and the size of the material to be crushed

5 Factors to Consider Before Choosing a Rock Crusher

With the above principles in mind, below are things you should consider before choosing a rock crusher

1. Economic Factors

This entails the initial cost of purchasing the equipment and training personnel. It also includes other expenses such as the cost of packaging, certification, and calibration.

Prices are usually considered before purchases are made by individuals and industries. Go for the machine whose price falls within your budget. It ensures the continuity of such a project.

Remember you also need to spend on installation, maintenance, and repairs.

2. Technology indicators

Only reliable machines work effectively and last long enough, hence reliability is another important factor for evaluating a machine’s performance.

Generally, a reliable machine is expected to work for 1,500 to 2,000 non-stop without any mechanical issues. The reliability of a machine becomes even more important if the working environment is not conducive.

3. The installation site

During installation, certain factors such as the area and shape of the floor are considered. If you intend to install the crushing machine on the sloppy ground, you might need to minimize the earthwork.

During selection, critical attention is paid to natural drop height. Also, attention needs to be paid to the floor space, method of storage, input and output ports, living facilities, and generator room.

4. Supply of material

This refers to the channel of supply. Was it acquired on lease or was it purchased? The availability of spare parts should also be considered in case of repairs.

In principle, a quicker delivery period is always preferred. However, manufactures should be given enough time to produce an efficient machine without jeopardizing the success of the entire project.

The cost of transportation differs for different machines. This is because the method of transportation as well as risks associated with transportation differ.

5. Compatibility of equipment

You need to consider how compatible the machine is with the project at hand. Is the machine you have chosen able to complete the given task within the specified period?

You must compare the compatibility of the machine you want to buy with the devices already on the ground. If they are not fully compatible, they may not function at all or may have a wrong effect on the devices.


Having studied the factors above, now you know what to look out for when next you want to buy a rock crusher. Additionally, any equipment you buy must have a good work relationship with the operators.

This means that the available personnel /operator must be able to operate it unless you are willing to employ more hands.

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