Mistakes you should know about before you start dropshipping

by Stephen Ellison

Beginners make several mistakes before they become proficient in what they do. We have compiled some of the common mistakes that beginners make in their China shipping fulfillment.  

Shipping time of the recipient country

Beginners fail to check the shipping time for the countries that they are advertising. Each country has a specific shipping time. It is vital to check the shipping time for the countries that you are supplying goods.

For instance, the United States might have a 14-day shipping time while Canada might have a two months difference from the United States. Failure to check the shipping time might lead to unhappy customers who would make refund requests and return of good in some cases.

Being realistic with goals

Beginners tend to view dropshipping as a quick cash cow. Some might have goals of making very high amount of money within a short period. It is important to note that dropshipping is like any other business and takes considerable amount of time and effort to make profits.

The challenging part of dropshipping is securing sales for your store. Once your sales scale up, it is time to bring in new variables such as advertising. At this point it is easy to scale up your dropshipping business. Your goals should be realistic to avoid unwanted disappointments and relenting.

Realistic start up budget

Starting the dropshipping business with very high capital is not recommended. It would be a great idea if you started with little money to understand any uncertainties of the business. The best advice is to dedicate a small capital to test products out before making the actual huge purchase.

Failure to focus on popular products that give solutions

If you go for highly competitive products in the market, it would be difficult to convince a customer to purchase the product because of the high level of competition. It is advisable to go for products that will fill a gap in the market and most importantly solve an existing problem. Solving a real-world problem lets you stand out in the market and as a result assure great sale of your product.

Giving it a general approach

Giving your dropshipping a general approach means opting to sell any random product in the market. Starting of with a product that people need to solve a problem would be a good approach to your dropshipping business. Either way, you may also opt to take a one product approach to your dropshipping business.

Establishing a focus make your business to stand out in the market. Therefore, any customer visiting your website will rank you as a reputable dealer in a given product. Customers will then associate you with your business as a reputable brand.

Sale of copyright products

Avoid selling products that refer back to other companies. For example, shoes with branded names or brand popularity of the manufacturing company. The risk of selling copyright products is that the companies might file a report on you and that might get you in trouble.

There are many other mistakes that beginners make when beginning their dropshipping business. The mistakes cause hurdles in business and may sometime lead to a direct failure. Keeping these mistakes in mind and correcting them will allow you to have a successful dropshipping business.

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