How CNC machines can be used in various applications

by Stephen Ellison

CNC machining is a popular manufacturing process used in a wide range of industries. This subtractive manufacturing method is used in aerospace, military, defense, medical, and automotive industries to manufacture parts. Its popularity in various industries can be attributed to the fact that it helps produce high-quality components and can be used for the most intricate designs.

In CNC machining services, a wide range of materials can also be used. Even the hardest metals can be applied effortlessly. In China, several manufacturers use this method of production. The CNC machining china applications are categorized depending on the various types of industries. However, they can also be classified depending on the processes and how the CNC machines are used. In this post, we dive into the main CNC machining processes or possibilities.

CNC machining processes or possibilities

Below are some ways in which CNC machines can be applied in different scenarios and industries;

1. Prototyping

CNC machines have substantially autonomous. This means that they have high turnarounds. What happens is that once a design is complete, it is sent to the CNC machine, and fabrication can start in a short time. Some people argue that CNC machines cannot be used for prototyping because sometimes the final parts are made using metal casting and not the devices themselves.

However, while this is true, CNC technology can be applied for successful prototyping. It is worth mentioning that CNC machine prototypes can be more costly than 3D or other types of prototypes. However, the high cost is a result of the higher standards.

2. Production

This is the most common CNC process. CNC machines and technology are highly applied in production. It is used to create exact parts using a wide range of materials like various types of plastic and metal.

CNC machines allow players in different industries to manufacture several parts in the shortest time and with 100% similarities. Compared to other production methods, CNC machining is highly cost-effective, faster, precise, and more reliable.

3. Hybrid manufacturing

CNC machining technology can be applied both independently and with other manufacturing processes like 3D technology. This is what the term hybrid manufacturing means. Combining it with other techniques is an effective method because it leads to the production of superior products.

4. Tooling

CNC machining is also very useful in the production of tools used in manufacturing. For instance, it can be used to manufacture molds which will be applied in injection mold production. This means that while it is not directly involved in manufacturing parts, it helps produce tooling products.

How does CNC machining work?

In CNC machining, there are four main stages;

  • Creation of the CAD design using code
  • Transfering the CAD into a CNC machine and converting the CAD into a CNC program
  • Setting up the CNC machine
  • Executing the specific operation depending on the application


CNC machining features four primary services. They are; milling, turning, lathes, and drilling. However, several other services are depending on where and how the CNC technology is applied.

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