How Much Will A CNC Machine Shop Charge For Your Order?

by Stephen Ellison

Your manufacturing company needs a big boost. You finally decide that you need some CNC machines to do the trick. While you are excited, you realize that you have a tight budget. You also don’t have a clue on what a CNC machine shop charges for CNC machining. That can be a bummer.

Finding out how much you have to pay is important. It helps you plan for the unexpected. So, in this article, we’re going to look out certain things that influence how much a CNC machine shop will charge for your order.

Let’s begin!

How Does a CNC Machine Shop Calculate Costs?

When dealing with CNC machine shops, you should know that several things affect the final price. I have found at least four things that can sway your price higher or lower. They include

  • The cost of labor
  • Extra costs incurred during completion
  • The particular order that you place
  • The cost of the various machines
  • The rate at which the CNC machine shops charges for each order.

Now, let’s break it down better.

The Cost Of Labor

We all know that one of the benefits of CNC machining is the reduced labor staff. However, this does not mean that you won’t have to pay for any labor at all. CNC machining has some labor that you just cannot ignore.

One of them is the labor costs as regards to the digitalizing and designing process. No matter how you intend to cut costs, you will need to get an expert to do the design.

If you have a lot of complication designs, chances are that the CNC machine shops are going to charge you more for the design setup.

Other labor costs which you will probably get charged for will include the salaries of the operators. The exact amount that you will spend will be determined by how long your production is going to last.

Finishing costs and assembling might also mean more labor costs. It’s always a good thing to analyze what needs to be spent when making a budget.

Extra Costs Incurred During Completion

Once the project is completed, you will be thrilled to finally get your CNC machines. However, you might need to pay for this. For example, if you use a CNC machine shop that is located in China, you will have to pay shipping costs for it.

The exact shipping costs will determine the urgency of the delivery. The particular material that is used in the production of the machine will also have an impact on the costs of shipping. A good material to go for will be aluminum. Using stainless steel might incur future costs.

The Particular Order That Is Placed

The specific order that you place will also play a very big role. For example, the more complex a design is, the more money will be needed to pull it off. It will also take a long time to do the programming of such a design.

Sometimes, it could more about finding the parts of the design that fit than the programming. The digitalizing part of the order will also incur more operating costs.

In effect, this part of CNC machining takes the bulk of the cost.

If you are trying out CNC machining for the first time, it might be wise to go with a design that is so much simpler. This will save you a lot of cash. It might also be the best option if you are unsure of what you really want.

CNC machine shops will also take into account the volume of your order. Generally, you are going to spend more on a larger order than a smaller order. However, with a bigger order, the price for every individual item you purchase will much lower.

The Cost Of The CNC Machines

Another aspect that is sure to affect the costs will be the CNC machines that you use. Generally, the 3 axis machining and the multi-axis machines are the two popular choices.

If you wish to hire a machine, you’d be charged using an hourly figure. If you want to buy a machine, there are several ways in which the cost can be calculated.

For 3- axis machines, the average price per hour has a range of $30-$50. An example of this machine is the milling machines. The CNC turning machines will also fit into this category.

For the multi-axis machines, it will cost you anything from $75-$150 per hour. This makes sense as the machines are much more expensive than their counterparts. Sometimes, it can even surpass this figure. It’s always a good thing to consider your options before making a deal.

CNC Machine Shop Rates

The CNC machine shops also have their individual rates which they charge. This is up to the particular shop you decide to use. The rates will vary based on certain factors. One of the primary factors will be how long it takes to get it up and running.

To get the best deal, you have to compare more than one CNC machine shop. While it can be difficult, it is essential especially if you run on a tight budget.

Most CNC machine shops will be available or can be contacted for their quotes or inquiries. Also, make sure you do some research yourself to make sure the company you choose is real.

It’ll be disastrous to get scammed without getting the actual value for your money.

So Where Should I Start?

The first step before getting the right CNC machine shop is to do a quick assessment of what you really need. Also, make sure that you have the budget to accommodate these needs. Once this has been done, these tips above should help you find a good financial outcome.

Final Thoughts

Getting familiar which a CNC machine shop and how much they charge will be great for your company. It will help you balance your books as well as get value for your money. With some luck, your CNC machines might last for a long time.

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